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Home Security Door Stop Alarm

Home Security Door Stop Alarm

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Our Home Security Door Stop Alarm that is suitable for everyday use. This product can be used to protect your home from intruders.

  • Easy to use: Forget about incomprehensible manuals. Forget about drilling holes. Forget about cleaning up all the mess. Just hold this door stop alarm in your hands, choose which sensitivity level suits your needs and place the security alarm behind the door.
  • Reinforced Safety: Find your peace of mind again and protect yourself and your beloved ones with an this door alarm stopper. No need to spend a small fortune on expensive security alarm installation, when you can get this smart door security stopper.
  • Features: This device has three sensitivity levels - LowMedium & High, with an adjustable sensitivity switch on the side.
  • Additional Notes: This device has two specifications in which you can order from! White and grey. It operates on a voltage level of 4.5V. It has a red light feature when triggered. 
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